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An Attitude of Excellence

Title:  An Attitude of Excellence

Author: Dr. Willie Jolley

Author Nationality: American


Publisher: Willie Jolley Worldwide

Year Published/ Release:  November 2009 & October 2018

Pages: 280 (paperback)

Book Version:  Paperback


Dr. Willie Jolley is a great speaker and author. In this book, he writes about developing excellence on an organizational and personal level. He emphasizes that excellence should be a culture. He shares how organizations and individuals can develop that culture to benefit them in the present and the future.  Here are some key pointers:

  1. Focus on the power of creating a reputation for excellence. The brand, or reputation, for excellence is one of the hallmarks of those who succeed in life and business. Developing a reputation for excellence is a way to build our personal brand and increase our personal wealth.
  2. Make a commitment to be a yardstick of quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected! You be that example!
  3. Developing a brand, or reputation for excellence is the best insurance for long term wealth and success.
  4. Employers are always looking for talented individuals with a desire for excellence and a great attitude. They are always looking and waiting for excellent people to become available. The key though is to develop a reputation for excellence before you need it. “It is always best to dig your well before you are thirsty.”
  5. Engage in life long learning; who are the people you are meeting? what are you reading? what skillsets are you developing? How are you trying to get better? what are you doing to become a better leader? You must take responsibility for your success and make a commitment to work on yourself and become better! This will get you closer to living the 5-star life which will in turn lead you to being part of a 5-star organization.
  6. The greatest investment you can ever make is the one you can make in yourself because the pennies you invest in your thinking will produce dollars you can place in your wallet.
  7. Stuff will happen and change will happen, but ultimately it is your choice as to how you respond to it. Don’t take stuff personally, and whatever you do, don’t let it stop you. Don’t just go through it, learn through it.
  8. Appetite is the desire for your goals. What level of desire do you possess? what are you willing to do? How badly do you want to win? What are you willing to do to achieve your goal?
  9. If you hang with nine losers, you will probably become number ten, so if you want improved success, improve the success of your closes friends and family.
  10. Setbacks happen to everybody, but a setback is never the end of the road; it is a bend in the road, and the only ones who crash are those who fail to make the turn. It’s all about your attitude. As you turn your setbacks into comebacks, you must understand that you have got to make some tough decisions.
  11. The first decision you have got to make is to decide what you will do when you have a setback. How do you see it, what’s your perspective? Do you see it as a setback period(end of a sentence and no more to be said) or as a setback comma? (meaning pause, transition and more to come.)
  12. Before you can lead many, you must be able to lead yourself
  13. See change as an ally, not as an enemy. Change happens to us all; it is ongoing and never-ending.
  14. Great teams care for each other, cover for each other, and encourage each other.
  15. Embrace customer service. Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth. The more we serve, the more success we will have, and the more our lives will be fulfilled.
  16. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune-Jim Rohn
  17. Make a commitment to be proactive about your success. Make a commitment to take action today on your dreams and goals. Decide now that your personal success is worth the work.
  18. Ask yourself:  (a)What do I want? (b) What am I doing to get what I want? (c) What more could I be doing to get what I want? (d) What must I stop doing to get what I want?
  19. Start with your dreams. They are the seeds for success and know how to water the dream. (you cannot be what you cannot see. You must have a vision.)
  20. Many of the people who kill our dreams are not enemies or foes, but friends and loved ones who are not trying to be mean-spirited. They just suffer from possibility blindness.

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My take:

Everyone has the power to make themself a winner. Winning is a choice, success is a choice; it all boils down to your attitude and mindset.

If you do the things today that others won’t do, you will have the things tomorrow that others won’t have.

Memorable Quote (s):

“People who are happier at home tend to be happier at work, and people who have drama at home tend to have drama at work.”

“Your attitude is your choice. You must make the choice to stay positive in spite of the challenges of life.”

“Winning is about overcoming our own self-limiting beliefs and making a personal commitment to fight through the challenges in order to achieve a goal.”

“The reason most people do not win is because they are not willing to exert enough consistent effort.”


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