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#Mindset Monday

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In a world that has become so busy, it is easy to find yourself starting something and never getting around to finish it. It is important to finish what you start because it is how you develop discipline,commitment, and consistency. Here are a few tips to guide you.

  1. Be Selective in what you embark on, do not just pick anything but pick tasks and assignments that you are passionate about, that will challenge you, add value, and move you forward in the right direction.
  2. Estimate the resources you will need for the task in order to manage expectations and get the job well done. A good example is when you decide you want to start writing, you need to identify the topic(s) you want to focus on, the length, the audience, and the frequency of the writing including the sources of information.
  3. Budget your time and energy by first identifying how much time you need to get the job done and when your energy levels are at their peak. Block the tasks on your calendar and create downtime or a buffer for unpredictable interruptions and pressing issues that may come up. This way you will be able to finish your projects in a timely and successful manner.
  4. Quit being a perfectionist:  perfectionism kills productivity, it makes you miss out on great opportunities as you “wait” for a perfect time to get the job done. Stop obsessing, just start and keep moving no matter how slow, don’t stop. If you are having a challenge getting around the project, consider breaking it down into smaller manageable chunks, then start with a draft and build on that progressively.
  5. Commit to getting it done: hold yourself accountable, hold yourself to your word. When you tell yourself you will embark on something, commit to getting it done. Honor yourself by accepting that sometimes you have to exercise delayed gratification in order to celebrate bigger wins. If what you are doing is not in line with your vision, give yourself permission to walk away from it.
  6. Connect with the bigger picture: envision the end game, what is the end you have in mind? what is your picture of success? find inspiration by surrounding yourself with that which reminds you of your end goal. Additionally, connect with your end goal visually e.g a vision board.
  7. Follow the path of your highest enjoyment: give yourself the flexibility over what to do, sometimes you do not have to follow a certain order to get the job done. Drop a task, move to another, and come back to it when there is more inspiration, it is more productive.
  8. Track your progress: have a measure for what you do, what gets measured gets done, what gets measured gets improved. What indicators will you put in place to know that you are making progress? what are the key things that need to get done? what is your target? Tracking makes you accountable to your goal and helps you stay on track.
  9. Celebrate your milestones: no matter how small the progress, it’s a win that needs to be celebrated. Almost everything you have done so far is an accomplishment. Celebrating progress keeps you motivated to do more.
  10. Don’t force it: If it is not working leave it or rework your plan. sometimes it is possible to lose interest in a goal you were once so enthusiastic about. You can either decide to do it differently or do something different altogether.

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