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Taking Responsibility-Own Your Life

  • Own your thoughts, feelings, words and actions:You have the power of thinking,speaking, feeling and acting, you are the button maker, nobody can push your buttons unless you allow them to.
  • Stop blaming others: blaming makes you a victim & prevents you from changing your situation. Be a Victor and ask “what is my role in this situation?”
  • Stop complaining:when things don’t go as expected. Instead, focus on the hidden gems in the situation and the bigger picture. (what can I learn from this?)
  • Don’t take things personally: Stop assuming that every disagreement is a personal attack or about you. You always have control over how you respond. Ask”Is this about me or the situation at hand?”
  • Happiness is an inside job: it’s a decision you make, express your creativity, practice gratitude& acts of kindness.
  • Increase your level of adaptation :change is constant, be willing to embrace it for your own happiness and energy.
  • Accept others and let go the judgment :everyone has flaws and virtues. Start with yourself, then purpose to see the best in others
  • Protect your integrity as your most valuable possession:don’t compromise your moral compass in an attempt to succeed or achieve faster.
  • Live in the present moment:be the gatekeeper of your thoughts. Make the best of it to redeem your past and create the future you want.
  • Use the power of intention: make choices that deliberately move you towards your vision and expected outcomes. Ask “is this moving me towards my goal?”

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