A little about me…


Meet Hellen…  

My name is Hellen Mwangi-Ndirangu and I am excited you are here!

I’m an extrovert,optimist, curious ,energetic , spontaneous ,assertive and goal-oriented person.

What others say:  I am a go-getter,resilient,creative genius, sociable,consistent,reliable,resourceful, caring, loving and adaptable.

what I do: I am an HR Consultant |Goal Strategist |Productivity & Mindset Coach| Career Coach|Accelerator & Podcaster.

The real story:  In 2017,I lost my job…that pain,ran deep.  My little human was a month away from meeting the world. During the waiting time, I had a chance to deeply reflect and figure out  if I still wanted to go back to what I had left behind.

I am a self-improvement addict! In addition to my Human Resources qualification, I went through intensive coaching,trained as a Certified Coach and Mediator,all of which have proven to be a great asset.

In 2018,I launched my first coaching program with 25 participants! It was a blast. Right there my passion was reborn. I am still here sharing that passion,imparting wisdom and walking with clients to help them grow, win and celebrate those wins.

In my fun and relaxing space:

  • I am an avid reader- Last year (2019) I read 103 books 🙂
  • Experimental cook
  • Cycling
  • Classical music & Dancing
  • Crocheting- It’s an absolute therapy.
  • Travel and Adventure.

I am passionate about empowering  professionals( graduates,middle & senior level) to develop and see the change they need and that will positively impact society. I enjoy activating and elevating the potential of others. For this reason, I  enjoy working with individuals, groups as well as participating in mentoring programs.


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