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The 3 Factors That Will Help You Achieve your Goals

goal-setting-1955806_640There is power in clarity. Clarity is a key power in goal-setting. If you are going to succeed at your goals, ensure that you are very clear on what it is that you seek. We have already established that goal-setting helps you determine what you specifically want to achieve, why the achievement is so important, who will help you achieve the goal, where you stand in relation to the goal you are trying to achieve, how you will plan on achieving the goal and when you anticipate to celebrate your victory of achievement.

There are three universal factors that will determine if your goals will get achieved or not:

The Mental Construct: Before you create a goal, you must imagine what you want to achieve and then create a mental picture of it. The mental picture is about something you want to be, to have or to do. Once you have created the picture, you can then work on getting that visual to life.

The second part of the mental construct is your mind-set. If you believe that you can do it, you will go all the way despite the challenges that you may encounter. The truth is; your thoughts are in your control. You choose to think whatever is going through your mind. Whenever you start thinking negative thoughts, remind yourself to, “STOP!” and then reframe that thought more positively. This will help you develop more positive thinking habits. Remember “Every action, thought or behaviour no matter how big it is, no matter how small it is, or how seemingly inconsequential it may seem, produces a bottom line outcome or result. That result is either going to be goal focused on leading you in the direction you want to go, or it’s going to be taking you away from your goals.”  Gary Ryan Blair

The written: Goals begin to take shape when written on paper; the human mind cannot remember everything. Writing your goals gives you clarity and perspective. Write them down and do not compromise. Have a note book that is set aside to keep track of your progress. The process of working on your goals is a journey. You will want to write it down to appreciate your milestones. Keeping a record helps you visualize your progress and build momentum.  Small victories add up and this increases your motivation as you can actually see yourself improving.

With every goal, there will be a beginning, a middle and an end.

At the beginning, everything will seem hard because it’s a new challenge; it’s a new space you are venturing into. Think about it this way: “a new goal equals to a new challenge; new level, new devil.” At every level, you will experience a different emotion, but in that process you will be growing.  The middle level will likely be a little messy but keep going. Don’t stop; at the end you will have every reason to enjoy the victory. 

Have you ever tried to help a child ride a bicycle? At the beginning, you have to support them, and when you let them go, they will probably ride for a minute before they fall. As they progress there will be episodes of wins and falls. They will ride a few metres, then fall and get hurt. At this point you have to encourage them to keep going. It is that practice that makes them confident to ride on their own.  In the same way you will experience victories and obstacles, don’t stop, keep pushing, keep practicing and go for the prize.

The action–  To escape from prison, you must first realize you are locked up. If you aren’t satisfied with the life you have now, then you have to convince yourself the pressure is already there and work towards a place of fulfilment.

Every activity you engage in is going to either drive you towards your goal or away from your goals. For example, if you often find yourself waking up at different times each morning, it is not good for your health. It’s a sign that your sleeping cycle is messed up, and that you are waking up when life demands it. This shows you resist life. You don’t want to wake up. Consciously designing a routine for your day sets you up for success. Because it’s a routine that actually energizes you and sets you up for success. Start with your morning routine.  Choose a time and consistently wake up at that time.  As soon as the alarm goes off, get your feet on the floor! And then reward yourself for doing so.

When you can manage to habituate yourself to a regular routine, you will be able to reinforce positive behaviours that get you closer to your goals.

If you really want to see progress, you must spend your day working on your progress. You must take the necessary steps to get to where you want to be.

Life will challenge you with annoying and devastating obstacles. Embrace them and keep the momentum. Inevitably, you can’t immediately accomplish every goal perfectly; but action leads to practice which leads to repetition and the result is mastery.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Socrates.

If you really want to see progress you must spend your day working on your progress.

From the words of Gary Ryan Blair, the Goals guy, I challenge you to…

Take massive action to drive massive results

Commit to excellence to unleash your greatness

Create a sense of urgency to fast track your goals

Set big challenging goals to make your life a masterpiece.

Because if the goal doesn’t challenge you, it cannot change you.

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Happy New year!

the goals

Have you set your goals for the year yet? If you are still pondering on how to go about it, or you have already written down your goals but still trying to figure out if you have written them well… here is a free gift for you.

Here is your free guide to help you simplify and enjoy the process.

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Taking Responsibility-Own Your Life

  • Own your thoughts, feelings, words and actions:You have the power of thinking,speaking, feeling and acting, you are the button maker, nobody can push your buttons unless you allow them to.
  • Stop blaming others: blaming makes you a victim & prevents you from changing your situation. Be a Victor and ask “what is my role in this situation?”
  • Stop complaining:when things don’t go as expected. Instead, focus on the hidden gems in the situation and the bigger picture. (what can I learn from this?)
  • Don’t take things personally: Stop assuming that every disagreement is a personal attack or about you. You always have control over how you respond. Ask”Is this about me or the situation at hand?”
  • Happiness is an inside job: it’s a decision you make, express your creativity, practice gratitude& acts of kindness.
  • Increase your level of adaptation :change is constant, be willing to embrace it for your own happiness and energy.
  • Accept others and let go the judgment :everyone has flaws and virtues. Start with yourself, then purpose to see the best in others
  • Protect your integrity as your most valuable possession:don’t compromise your moral compass in an attempt to succeed or achieve faster.
  • Live in the present moment:be the gatekeeper of your thoughts. Make the best of it to redeem your past and create the future you want.
  • Use the power of intention: make choices that deliberately move you towards your vision and expected outcomes. Ask “is this moving me towards my goal?”

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A Time to Ponder


As we near the end of the year, there is so much to look back and reflect on. The time to ponder is a key component to meaningful goal-setting. At the beginning of the year, we were all setting new year resolutions and goals. Now is that time to review that which we so faithfully wrote and check the boxes.

In a world that is fast-paced,you must create time to pause, breathe, note down your thoughts, achievements, and learnings.

I share with you 10 meaningful areas that you  can reflect on:

  1. Your biggest achievements this year, that you would like to celebrate and are most proud to talk about. This includes the Personal, Spiritual, financial and professional.
  2. Did you take the time to celebrate your milestones?
  3. What is it that you would like to see or have more of and less of, in your life. (this could be a new habit that you wish to adopt or skills that you want to learn)
  4. What is that thing that you are most looking forward to in the coming year?
  5. List the people that you consider most important in your life. Categorize them as those who inspire you; people who drain you; people you would like to interact with.
  6. The thing(s) that you confidently know you want to achieve in the coming year.
  7. What does it mean to have a more abundant and fulfilling life?
  8. How can you have more fun and happiness in life?
  9. What kind of help do you need to enlist to be successful?
  10. What is the biggest challenge you anticipate in the coming year?

To a greater year ahead!

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Does Monday have to be this Blue?

giphy monday

It is easy to mistake Monday for a person. Whenever the week starts on the wrong foot and mood, Monday gets blamed for it. Even worse, is the current prevailing cold weather.

Here are a few beliefs about Monday:

  1. Mondays suck because you were made to believe they should.
  2. Mondays have features such as traffic jams, office drama, an overflowing inbox, and an endless to-do list.
  3. You probably have a job you don’t like and Mondays are a perfect reminder.
  4. You/others taught your brain to think the worst of Mondays- brain conditioning is a Mindset.
  5. You think that Monday stole your fun and relaxation time.

Monday exists like any other day of the week and it is possible to make it a great day to look forward to by changing how you approach it. Think about the following:


Remember that you have the power of choice to define how your day will be irrespective of circumstances that you cannot control. Your attitude will also determine how you think, talk and do. You own your life, so if you want something to change, make the choice to make it happen.

Dress like sunshine

Dressing up in great clothes has a way of boosting your confidence. Wear new clothes once in a while and add some mojo to your style by picking bright colors even in cold weather to keep you feeling like you are walking on sunshine. Your brain will thank you.

Create a Memorable Monday Playlist

Whatever your genre of music, compile a list of songs that bring out the happiness in you, rekindle great memories and keep your energy levels sky high. Give your playlist a name that reminds you how good a day Monday is.


Eat something different from the usual. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it will determine how well your mind functions. A balanced diet goes a long way to boost your functionality.

Create time  for “Me time”

Self-care is important because every so often your body needs to recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If your weekends always involve overindulgence with friends, drinking and eating, then Monday is bound to look bleak.  Indulgence is good when done in measure.  Intentionally create time to rest and love yourself, while at it, ensure you get quality sleep.


Water is life. Staying hydrated is important for your brain and body function. If you find water too difficult to take on, make the process fun by adding a slice of cucumber or lemon.  This way you will keep drinking and moving.

Make your commute memorable

 Whether you are driving or taking a matatu to work, it is important to keep the energy positive. In the middle of traffic jams, unhappy inconsiderate road users, choose to focus on something that will build you. Bring along that book which you have been meaning to read, listen to a podcast, learn a new skill when in traffic. The possibilities are endless.

Make someone’s day

There is something about random acts of kindness. They bring out a joy not always easy to describe. Take the focus away from yourself and do something to make someone feel good, important and leave a smile on their face.

Question your thought process

When you find yourself dreading Monday,  find out what is really going on beyond the day itself. Have you overplanned the day? for example, you scheduled too many meetings and important tasks with unrealistic timelines. New projects do not have to start on Mondays, why not push to Wednesday or a different day. Actively organize and prioritize to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Prepare on Friday 

Friday is generally an exciting day for most because it marks the end of a work week and the beginning of a temporary break. Before you retire into “Friday break mindset” consider listing your Monday tasks and what you need to make the transition easier. At the beginning of adopting a new habit, you will likely experience some form of resistance, but keep going and eventually, it becomes a part of you. You can also work with Sunday, by noting down important tasks that need to be handled, this way you are mentally prepared to face Monday.

Add a happy picture to your workspace

A photo is worth a thousand words. A good picture of your family, significant other or art that makes you happy will contribute to a positive Monday experience and positive energy workspace. Be sure to change the photo every so often.

Assess your job situation

Every job comes with its excitements and challenges. It is common for employees to feel under or over-utilized. This usually leads to some level of job dissatisfaction. If you find that you dread going to work every time Monday starts, you need to identify the triggers and work through them or ask for help. Where it involves colleagues and bosses, find a diplomatic approach to resolving the issue. If this does not work, actively look for a happier job.

Show gratitude

The little things in life make a big difference. Acknowledge the opportunities that come your way, appreciate them and be thankful to those that have helped you get there.

Make Monday your Cheat day

Doing something different on a routine day changes the way your brain functions and welcomes new energy.  Try taking a rest day from your normal workout on Monday and maybe enjoy a meal that is usually off your diet. Enjoy it to the fullest and resume your normal regime on Tuesday.

Have a great Monday, every Monday!

giphy happy monday